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Oral History 

Oral history interviews capture the wisdom, the information, and the first person narratives of elders and leaders in the Black community.  Listed here are oral histories archived by the Lorain Black History Project as of March 2023. 

"The kids need to know right now that there are Black people making contributions and doing things that are worthwhile". 
                               - Dottie Anderson

"If you don't fight for your own heritage, your own neighborhood, your own family...who's going to fight for you?”
                               - Gloria Noland

"I say we're sitting on a jewel.  We need to cultivate it. And I think education is key. 
                               - Rhoda Lee

"They [the schools] let me come in to check on the boys. I just walk in and they all know who I am. And I'd shouldn't just want coach. You should want to do all these things. Check on these boys."

                               - Ricky Smith

  • Dottie Anderson

  • Charlesetta Brown

  • James & Irene Carter

  • Donna Cheers

  • Ossie Mai Cheney

  • Barbara Cook

  • Mathias Dunlap, III

  • Paul Hasan

  • Gerald Howard

  • Dennis Jones

  • Rhoda Lee

  • Gloria Noland

  • Martha Pye

  • Doris Rogers

  • Cynthia Rowser

  • Vera Shephard

  • Ricky Smith

  • Quincy Taylor-Washington

  • Daryll Tucker

  • Bryan "Petey" Wooten

  • Theresa Wooten

  • Jean E. Wrice

  • Lynn Wrice-Head

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